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Q: Does NCEP have any religious or political affiliations?

A: No. NCEP is a secular, independent, volunteer-run non-governmental organization (NGO) with no religious or politically-motivated goals. Our only motivation is to help disadvantaged Nepali children gain access to education.

Q: Does NCEP build or operate schools in Nepal?

A: No. We work with the existing infrastructure (i.e. schools, teachers and curriculum) and focus on addressing the financial barriers to education by providing students with comprehensive academic scholarships. Currently, NCEP does not have the capacity or funding to engage in school-building projects.

Q: What curriculum do the students learn?

A: Student’s sponsored by NCEP receive the same curriculum as any other Nepali child. NCEP’s focus is not about amending, correcting or improving Nepal’s curriculum, which would be beyond our scope and present capacity.

Q: NCEP has operations in Nepal and Canada – how does that work? Are you one organization or two?

A: Legally NCEP is comprised of two distinct entities: NCEP Nepal and NCEP Canada. Each entity is federally registered in its respective country and has its own Board of Directors. In practice, the two organizations function as one, working together to create educational opportunities for children in need.

Q: I’ve read that males continue to be favoured over females for education. Is NCEP doing anything to address this?

A: Female education is vitally important. Apart from basic issues of equity, the literature clearly shows that there are numerous positive ripple effects from educating women. Sadly, women in Nepal and around the world remain disproportionately under-educated. NCEP is addressing this issue by ensuring that, at a minimum, 50% of our sponsored students are females. An educated girl is an educated mother, family, village and world.

Q: What is your organization doing to protect against child abuse and child labour, and to promote child rights?

A: The guiding principles of NCEP are based on children’s rights. NCEP has collaborated with organizations including MAITI Nepal, World Vision and Rotary International, all of whom have an equally strong focus on children’s rights and preventing child exploitation. NCEP maintains many internal controls to monitor that child labour or exploitation is not taking place with any of the schools and families we work with.

Q: What is your organization doing to root out and prevent cases of child abuse and child labour?

A: One of the requirements for NCEP to sponsor a child is that he/she must have a supportive home environment. We work with their parents/guardians to ensure that the child does not participate in child labour and is not subject to exploitation in any way. All schools that NCEP works with must sign a Memorandum of Understanding stating that under no circumstances will any form of child abuse or corporal punishment be tolerated against any student at the school. In certain extreme cases NCEP has found alternative, supportive home environments for scholars who were facing forms of abuse and neglect.


We pride ourselves on being a lean organization with almost no Canadian overhead, so over 98% of your money goes directly to our programs. We conduct weekly calls with our team in Nepal to ensure progress towards our goals, respond to challenges and opportunities, and thoroughly review the financial records to make sure every dollar goes where it should.

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