Areas of Operation 

NCEP works directly on the ground in Nepal, in the heart of Kathmandu.

We currently have four key government partner schools in Kathmandu, that the majority of our scholars attend.

Why Kathmandu?
We focus on Kathmandu for two reasons.

First, this is where we have a presence. Our Co-founder lives in Kathmandu, so this was a logical place to start, and we have simply grown from there, developing vast networks and key partnerships with schools, colleges and businesses in the area.

Second, Kathmandu represents a high-needs area. While we acknowledge that much of rural Nepal lacks even the basic infrastructure required for education (and thus has a strong need as well), a growing trend has seen more and more Nepali families pack-up their rural subsistence-farming life and move to the city – to Kathmandu – in seek of better opportunity. The sad reality is that, often, the city is not the land of opportunity they had hoped for. Families end up living in horrible conditions, struggle to find work, and cannot afford the fees to send their children to school. Over 80% of the students we currently support are the unfortunate victims of this exact scenario.


We pride ourselves on being a lean organization with almost no Canadian overhead, so over 97% of your money goes directly to our programs. We conduct weekly calls with our team in Nepal to ensure progress towards our goals, respond to challenges and opportunities, and thoroughly review the financial records to make sure every dollar goes where it should.

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