The Nepali Children’s Education Project

This page is intended for our dedicated and hard-working volunteers.

If you are not currently a volunteer but would like to become one, we have many possibilities available for you. Please apply to volunteer in Nepal or volunteer in Canada.

In Nepal:

Field Volunteers (FVs)

FV Calendar  |  New Scholar Information Form  |  Progress and Expense Report on Scholar (PER) |  Progress Report Mini on Scholar  |  Scholar Exit Form  |  Scholar Renewal Form  |  NCEP Receipt  |  FV Guide  |  NEW! Submission Guidelines for FVs  |  FAQ

School Liaison Officers (SLOs)

SLO Calendar  |  Report Card on FV  |  SLO Monthly Report on ASP  |  FAQ  |  NEW! Submission Guidelines for SLOs

Enrichment Team (ETs)

ET Calendar  |  ET Monthly Report on ASP  |  FAQ

Media Team (MT)

MT Calendar   |  Team Monthly Report

Health Team (HT)

HT Calendar   |  Team Monthly Report

Tutoring Team (TT)

TT Calendar   |  Team Monthly Report

Alumni Coordination Team (ACT)

ACT Calendar  |  Team Monthly Report

Accounting Team (AT)

AT Calendar  |  Spelling Sheet  |  Cheque Record Template

Task Force Team (TFT)

TFT Calendar

Additional Resources:

General Expense Report  |  Report Card on ET-SLO for ASP  |  Potential Applicant Form  |  ASP Parental Permission Slip  |  FV Contract  |


In Canada

Nepali Field Support Officer (NFSO)

NFSO Calendar   |  Report Card on SLO Mgt

NCEP Clerk

Clerk Calendar