An enthusiastic young sportsman and academic star with interests that range from reading, writing and drawing to football, volleyball and badminton, Sabin is a promising young student from a disadvantaged background.  He has drawn lots of praise from his schoolteachers, who describe him as an excellent student who always attends class, is neat and tidy, and always gets his classwork and homework done.

At 13 years old – entering Grade 8 – Sabin aspires to one day become a doctor.  He lives with his father, an uneducated shopkeeper, and younger brother; he also has an older brother and sister who no longer live at home, and neither of whom went to school because the family could not afford it.

Following the 2009-10 school year, Sabin was on the verge of losing the opportunity to fulfill the promise he has demonstrated, his father no longer able to afford his educational costs.  Like Raj and Rupa, Sabin was recommended by Puspa Bajrachharyay, a teacher at Durbar High School who will meet with and support him regularly.  Puspa is now an integral part of the NCEP Nepal team.

NCEP Nepal Team Member Rajiv explains a consent form to Sabin and his father, to grant NCEP permission to use their photographs online and in print material.

Sabin and his father with visiting NCEP Co-Founder Sandeep