Ram, 11 years old, is one of the students referred to us from Sath Sath, a social agency that helps disadvantaged families in Nepal find accomodation, work, and basic provisions.  His education had been funded by Sath Sath previously, but when they had to discontinue support in 2009 due to a lack of resources, NCEP took over his sponsorship.  He is in his second year as an NCEP scholar, and continues to make both NCEP and Sath Sath proud.  The latter still provide other forms of social support for Ram’s family, and were very grateful that NCEP has allowed Ram to continue his schooling.

Ram’s father died when Ram was 6, and now his mother – who is uneducated and makes very little money – is left trying to raise six children in a village in Dhading, outside of Kathmandu.  Without NCEP’s support, Ram would not be able to attain education, and without education, he and his family would have little chance at rising out of poverty.  Both he and his mother understand this, and are committed to making the most of the opportunity.  Ram has passed his Grade 3 classes with a solid attendance record.  He has a strong desire to continue attending school, and believes that through education he can help build a better future for his family