How to describe Pawan?  This charismatic young man is small in size, and great in mischief.  Hard-working and very bright, Pawan also embraces the role of class clown.  Now in his fourth year NCEP scholar, he has consistently passed all his classes with minimal absences.  Pawan has a strong interest in technology and computers, and a love for chess.  He requires medication to manage a childhood condition, and the additional cost of education was too much for his family to afford; had he not earned this scholarship, his schooling would have been cut short two year ago.  Now, Pawan is using this opportunity to pursue his interests and expand his horizons.

In a letter from 2010 to the donors and contibutors who have helped enable his education through NCEP, Pawan writes:

“My name is Pawan. I get from NCEP a lot of help. I am hoping this organization [can continue] to help me. My body is skinny. I do not go out much. I have chest pains and use [medication] to help. This we can get from Balaju in Kathmandu and is expensive. Llast year for Class 7 [I] got uniform, shoes, socks, bag, notebooks, geometry box. Next year for Class 8 I [will also] need dictionary, tutoring, calculator, guidebook, and badminton racquet.”

Pawan and his mother tell NCEP Co-Founder Luke and NCEP Field Volunteer Tashi about what Pawan will need as he enters Class 8.

Pawan, ever the comedian, cracks up Luke with a zinger.

Pawan stands with his mother and NCEP Co-Founder Raju in front of Darbar High School.

deepak pawan ambika and teacher.jpg

Pawan [middle] in class with NCEP scholars Deepak [left] and Ambika [right], receiving help from their teacher

deepak ambika pawan.jpg

Pawan [right] looking happy alongside Deepak [left] and Ambika [middle]