Nilkumari is one of the students who was referred to us from Sath Sath, another social agency that seeks to promote education in Nepal.  This student, along with her brother Resham, was being sponsored by Sath Sath until NCEP took over her sponsorship, as Sath Sath lacked the resources. 

Nilkumari’s father died two years ago.  She now lives with her mother, two younger brothers – including NCEP Scholar Resham – and young cousin.  Nilkumari is now in Class 7, attending an excellent public school in Siddipur, southeast of central Kathmandu. 

This past year, Nilkumari drew frustration from some of her teachers for skipping classes and submitting her work late.  They were particularly dismayed by this behaviour because they believe she is a highly intelligent young lady who would soar if she stays on the right track.  NCEP volunteers met with her and her teachers to get a better understanding of why her habits had changed.  We encouraged her to recognize many young people in Nepal do not have the opportunity to go to school, and to make the most of hers. 

Reports of her progress in 2011 have thus far been positive, and we will continue to work with Sath Sath to help Nilumari and her brother Resham make the most of their talents.

Nilkumari’s class teacher shares some of Nilkumari’s marks and attendance record with visiting NCEP Co-Founder Sandeep.

Nilkumari and Resham explain that their home is just past the far wall of the school.  They have a pretty easy commute.

Nilkumari and Resham stand together with NCEP Co-Founder Raju.