Manisha, age 11, was recommended to us by our partner agency Sath Sath, who is providing social support for the family in their recent move to Kathmandu.  She lives with her mother, father, and three siblings, and together, they are all trying to make ends meet with a very meagre income.  The family moved from a rural village, and now rents a small room in Kathmandu in pursuit of greater opportunities.  Getting Manisha back in school – she attended one in her home village until 2008, but the family has not been able to afford her continured education – is one of the steps towards stablizing life for this family in the city.

When she was in school, Manisha passed each year, proving herself to be a dedicated student.  As a first-year NCEP scholar, our volunteers will monitor her situation with Sath Sath’s support, and if all goes well here, her 7 year-old brother is another potential new student for NCEP to consider next year.