NCEP is run 100% on volunteered time. We have no paid staff and no office facility expenses. Our website and promotional materials are all possible thanks to the generous support of professionals who donated their pro-bono services. Thanks to them, we didn’t pay a cent. As for the few expenses we can’t avoid, like printing paper or internet hosting fees, members of the NCEP Team often cover these expenses out of their own pocket. For larger events, we seek corporate donations to cover to our costs. We do all this so that more of your donation will go directly and solely to supporting education in Nepal and essential program costs.   We believe in transparency and have nothing to hide. If you have any questions as to how your money is spent, do not hesitate to contact us.



Every dollar we receive makes a big difference for a Nepali child. For instance,  as little as $225 will completely cover a child’s education costs for one year.
This includes core educational costs such as admission fees, exam fees, school books, uniforms, and stationary items.  However, it also covers a broader range of other costs that we have learned are equally important, including lunch programs, supplementary tutoring for struggling students, and transportation.

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