NCEP is a federally-registered Canadian charity.  We exist because of your generosity.  We know you want every dollar to count, so we work hard to keep our costs to an absolute bare minimum. Read how.

*For those wishing to contribute to the Alex Thomas-Haug Scholarship, click here.

We’ve made it simple to donate, with two easy ways to give. Whichever method you choose, all donations over $20 will receive an official donation receipt for income tax purposes (note: NCEP can only issue official receipts to the “true donor”  i.e. the person whose name is on the cheque/credit card):

1. Donate online:

We use PayPal because it’s fast, easy, secure and often convenient for our donors. However, PayPal extracts 3% from each donation as a service fee, so wherever possible, we prefer cheques.

2. Donate by Cheque

a) Email with the following details in order to receive your tax receipt:

  • Your full name
  • Your mailing address
  • The amount being sent by cheque

b) Mail the cheque, Payable to:

Nepali Children’s Education Project

55 Sunnybrae Crescent
Toronto Ontario, Canada
M6M 4W6

Once your cheque is received, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

We send out all tax receipts in a batch in early January, well in time for tax return season.

All of your information is fully protected through our Privacy Policy.