NCEP was founded on the simple belief that a small group of dedicated people working toward a common goal can make a large impact in the world. Here’s how it all began.

Raju Tuladhar, a Nepali teacher and tapestry artist who has lived and worked in Kathmandu all his life, found it very difficult to see so many intelligent and talented children missing out on an education because they could not afford to go to school.  He understood the value of education better than anyone: as a young child, he was out of school until he was taken in by the Nepal Srijanatmak Kala Guthi, a textile and handicrafts that gave him a home, access to education, and training in tapestry weaving.

As soon as he began earning money, Raju set aside as much as he could spare to help pay the school fees of three orphans  in the city, so that others like him would have the opportunity that he did.

Now a well-travelled and successful tapestry artist and teacher, Raju was sponsored to visit Canada in 2007.  It was an eye-opening experience.  Amazed by the good intentions of the people he met, and recognizing that a relatively small amount of money (by Canadian standards) could cover the complete costs for a Nepali child to get a quality education at a good school for a year, Raju saw the opportunity to take his education project to a new level. He approached two of his Canadian friends, Luke Yorkden-Chamberlain and Sandeep Kembhavi, whom he had met a year earlier and hosted at his school when they had traveled to Nepal after university. Moved by their travel experiences in Nepal, and having gained an insight into the importance of education in the country, the pair were inspired by the idea.  They spent many late nights with Raju developing a plan for how to realize their shared vision. Shortly thereafter, NCEP was formed.

From these humble beginnings NCEP has grown into a sustainable, sophisticated operation, running chapters in Edmonton, Toronto and Kathmandu, partnering with key non-profit and institutional organizations, and maintaining a vast and diverse support network.