Edmonton Chapter

Lorna Thomas

Lorna has been lucky enough to travel to Nepal three times, in 1979, 1983 and 2001. Lorna met Raju Tuldahar in Kathmandu in 2001. Raju shared with Lorna the fact that many Nepali children are unable to go to school due to poverty, or the long walking distance between their houses and the school. Raju also shared with Lorna his dream of becoming part of an organization that would help Nepali children. Several years later Raju realized this dream, when he became one of the co-founders of NCEP.

Raju stayed with Lorna’s family during his 2010 visit to Edmonton, Alberta. During that time he encouraged Lorna to be a part of the Edmonton chapter of the Canadian NCEP team. She agreed to this and became one of the organizers of the Edmonton chapter’s first fundraiser, a hall party fundraiser entitled: “1 in 5.” This phrase refers to the fact that one out of every five children is unable to attend school in Nepal. The fundraiser was a success and Lorna is determined to do what she can to help more children get an education, by continuing to be a member of the NCEP team.

Lorna’s professional background is as a teacher, theatre worker, and filmmaker. She has worked as a teacher with the Edmonton Public School Board and the University of Alberta. In the 1990’s she was Co-Director of a children’s theatre company. Since 1995 she has been working as a documentary filmmaker (www.lornathomasproductions.com). Lorna volunteers with the Riverdale Community League, in Edmonton and with the Documentary Organization of Canada. She hopes to travel to Nepal many more times in the coming years, in order to meet some of the NCEP students and learn more about the Nepal chapter of NCEP.