Edmonton Chapter

Ali Jazayeri

ali_jazayeriAli Jazayeri became aware of the Nepali Children Education Project (NCEP), and Canadians’ contribution to supporting educational opportunities in Nepal, in the summer of 2009, through Luke Yorkden-Chamberlain, one of his best friends. Ali has not yet been to Nepal but he has traveled to underdeveloped regions in Iran where people struggle just to survive. These experiences in Iran made him realized that education is number one in people’s needs, no matter where they live in the world. As a result, he was motivated to join the NCEP team when he became aware of what it does. He brings much needed experience in programming and database development to NCEP. He is creating a comprehensive and user-friendly database, making data entry and built-in reports access available for even novice users within the organization. This all helps in tracking how the students are doing and where the money is used.

Ali began database programming after completing high school. He was self-taught, learning MS Access to the level that he wrote his first database for his own high school in 2001. Subsequently, he created more and more database projects. To date, his largest, currently used, database was developed in 2003 for the research centre of the Department of Electrical Engineering at his former university in Iran, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, where he received his undergraduate degree.

As an electrical engineer, Ali is known for his robots, ranging from intelligent mouse to tele-surgical robots. Since his first year of undergrad studies he participated in national and international robotic events, winning numerous awards. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD in Robotics at the University of Alberta on teleoperation systems that will help the current telesurgical systems to integrate tactile sensing. Living in Edmonton, he is part of the active Edmonton-based arm of NCEP, contributing his ideas, skills and time to support our students in Nepal.